My inspiration

I'm inspired by emotions, connection and genuine moments. I take natural, in the moment photographs and I will never ask you to perform any tricks or do anything you wouldn't normally do. Whilst there is a certain amount of styling or posing in my shots, I love capturing the natural moments that might otherwise pass undocumented.


Where do you take photos?

I know some great outdoors locations that can provide a natural and romantic set-up. I travel all over London and if there is a certain place where you'd like me to capture your story, I'd love to do that - familiar places make for great memories and I found that my clients feel more relaxed in environments they know. If you choose to have the session in your home, whatever the style of your house is, all I really need is a corner or two with good natural light. I'm not there to photograph the interior but to capture the story. Your story.


How much time do you usually need for a session?

Newborn shoots will usually take around 2 hours including the time for changes and feeding. The other sessions are around one and a half hours.


Who owns the rights to the images you take?

According to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, I, as a photographer, own the rights to all the images captured at your shoot. This means I can add the photos I captured at your shoot to my portfolio and use them on my social media channels, in order for future clients to get a taste of my work style and quality. However I will use the images without your consent. Client confidentiality is absolutely crucial to my business and should you wish to keep your photographs private and have a non-disclosure agreement in place, then of course I will be more than happy to accommodate. If you'd like to buy the copyright to any of the images from your photo-session or you'd prefer me not to publish them, please let me know before your shoot and we can arrange this.


How many photos will we receive?

My camera's shutter will click many times during your photo session, however not all of those photos will be at the standards I aim for. On average I will deliver 20 - 30 high resolution images that allow for plenty of variety.


When will we receive the photos?

Usually within 3 days from the shoot I will select the ones I believe are my best work and send them to you. I find the process of choosing the best photos of you very subjective therefore this decision is entirely up to you. After I receive back the request, I will edit them and within 5 days add them to your private, online viewing gallery where you can download them from or send the link to your friends and family to view.


How do I book a photo-session with you?

Choose the type of session you want from the Pricing page, click the Book Now button and complete the form. Alternatively you can drop me an email or a message on any of my social media pages. We'll figure out dates, chat about the type of session you chose and finalise the booking by signing a contract and taking a deposit.


What should I wear to my photo-session?

I would always recommend to wear an outfit you love and feel confident in. After you book your session with me you will receive an email with more details about this but I would always recommend pastels, soft tones, muted colours and modern prints (polka dots, stripes). Try to avoid black or primary bright colours as they absorb colour and can steal focus from you.


Can I post the photos on my social media?

Yes. I would love it if you'd share your beautiful story with your friends and family. A lot of my time and creativity goes into editing as well as into building a consistent style. If there are any other edits you would like after you receive your photographs, please let me know and I will happily accommodate you as best I can for free or a fee, depending on the amount of editing you want. 


What if the weather is bad?

I hear you loud and clear. We are in England so we can have 4 different seasons on the course of 2 hours. If the forecast is really bad at the time we scheduled the shoot I will try my best to reschedule for another convenient time. If there are a few drops we can always wait it out over a coffee - this also helps us getting to know each other and you'll feel more in your element once we start shooting. If it's sunny, well, lucky you! We'll be snapping away!

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