Newborn Ari

I met Areta and Steve this July when we shot their beautiful pregnancy photos. The weather gods blessed us with an amazing summer evening and the sweet couple made my job too easy so the result was pretty spectacular. 

A few weeks have passed very quickly and soon their son was born and they immediately knew they wanted to have precious memories of this wonderful and special moment in their lives.

I spent many hours researching and documenting as it was my first newborn shoot and had no idea what to expect. Luckily Ari was so good and slept all the way through with a few exceptions when he would let us know with a frown that we're disturbing his peaceful sleep. Fair enough little guy, hopefully you won't remember any of it.

Gustav (pictured in one of the shots below) and Poppy, the parents' cats were of course very curious to know what we're up to, but not curious enough to offer us some good shots. Even food bribery was offered but if you know cats, you know they can't be bought so easily.

I imagined this shoot as a relaxed, casual portrayal of their new family life, in their own home in London, on a sunny day at the end of summer. 

Welcome to this wonderful world Ari, I hope you will some day look over these photos and think "I can't believe just how small I was!" :-)

Areta and Steve

Areta knew she wanted a bohemian inspired photo session. She thought it will be a nice keepsake and a beautiful way of preserving memories from such an important period of her and her husband's life.

After considering a few of London's parks in the end we agreed on Regent's Park mostly because of the beautiful willow trees along the little river. In the hours before the sunset a beautiful warm light would be casted over the water and filtered by the tree branches.

Areta also showed me a few examples of the concept that she had in mind and all of them had the common element of back lighting. This type of lighting can be very beautiful if done right but it's a tricky technique and more importantly something I didn't have much practice with. So I took this as an opportunity and once again the internet did not disappoint. After I'd done my homework thoroughly, the day of the shooting came and I couldn't be more excited! 

A few hours before the time we agreed to meet, clouds started to gather and soon London was covered in a grey blanket. It looked like they weren't going to go away soon but we went ahead nevertheless. And I'm so happy we did because as soon as we met and I started to set up, the clouds disappeared. In the end we had a beautiful warm afternoon light and well, you can see the results for yourself.

Areta and Steve were so wonderful to shoot with and such a sweet couple!

London in bloom

Every season in London has its charm but spring is really showing off this year. I snapped these photos on a photo walk through the chic picturesque neighbourhood Notting Hill. Felt like a dream to walk around the bloomed trees and even if it was a cloudy day, the sun would peek from time to time from behind the clouds.